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    Chickpea Snacks you can Eat with Reckless Abandon

    Searching for healthy snack inspiration? You're in the right place! 

    Meet the Future of Nut-Free Spreads

    Nut-butter taste
    without the nuts!

    # 1 Ingredient is

    Top 9 Allergen

    Plant Protein

    Our Mission

    We strive to improve the health and happiness of both people and the planet via the superfood chickpea. Our snacks are plant based and deliciously healthy so you can eat with reckless abandon!

    What Our Customers are Saying

    "My whole family loves this healthy snack."

    Paired it with apple slices for a delicious snack enjoyed by the whole family. Full of protein, it sustains for hours. YUM!

    "Love that it is made with chickpeas."

    Far less greasy, easier to spread and the taste is wonderful. We bought all 3 flavors and the entire family is hooked.

    "Finally! A great peanut butter alternative!"

    I purchased the plain version of this chickpea butter and like it alot. I have some peanut sensitivities and miss having some on a banana or apple. This made for a great substitute. Best one I've had as a replacement for PB yet.

    "So good! Glad I tried it!"

    I didn't know what to expect because its made of chickpeas, but it far exceeded my family's expectations. My daughter, who has nut allergies, loves this on her waffles. Its hands down way better than Nutella. I'm eating it by the spoonful.

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    I'm sold.

    Love this stuff! I'm a big PB user, but I'm sold on this chickpea butter. Love the consistency and the cookie butter is a delicious healthy treat!

    Healthy and Delicious

    The cookie butter is delicious. I promised myself I wouldn't eat it by the spoonful... but that didn't last long.

    Awesome nut free butter!

    The taste is excellent!!! I was shocked at how spreadable it was. Other brands have been hard to use. So so good. Thank you!