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    Our Journey

    • How it all started

      We took our proprietary chickpea flour from the Whole Bean and began tasting, testing and tinkering with ingredients. We committed to using only natural, plant-based ingredients and none of the top allergens.

    • Finally!

      It has taken a few years, but Finally! here we are! These spreads solved our problem: A nut-free, superfood chickpea based line of snacks with a taste all ages love. Bonus: they are good for us and the planet!

    • What's Next?

      We continue to innovate and expand our chickpea offerings. Exciting new snack options and flavors are coming soon!!

    Our Mission

    We are driven to improve the health and happiness of both people and the planet via the superfood chickpea. Our snacks are plant based, all-natural, and deliciously healthy so you can eat with reckless abandon!

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    I'm sold.

    “ Love this stuff! I'm a big PB user, but I'm sold on this chickpea butter. Love the consistency and the cookie butter is a delicious healthy treat! “

    Healthy and Delicious

    “ The cookie butter is delicious. I promised myself I wouldn't eat it by the spoonful... but that didn't last long. “

    Awesome nut free butter!

    “ The taste is excellent!!! I was shocked at how spreadable it was. Other brands have been hard to use. So so good. Thank you! “