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Our Chickpea Nutrition flour not only provides superb functionality, but also naturally fortifies food.

Our chickpea flour has been tested and tested in labs and kitchens to determine its best uses.  We have found this flour so versatile, with a flavor that does not detract from other ingredients, that we keep trying it in new ways.  Taste is our focus, but we love how it can fortify foods and function across so many applications.   
  • Oil Absorption:¬†Absorbs 20% more oil than competitive products.
  • Water Absorption: Absorbs 25% more water than competitive products.
  • Great dispersibility with standard equipment. ¬†Blends well with cold water or oil, with no water waste or cooking cost. Less energy use.
  • Boasts the highest foam capacity and foam stability of any comparable products tested. Higher¬†foaming capacity can improve yields.
  • Low Micro Load.
  • Flour Replacement: ¬†Our chickpea flour is gluten-free. This makes it a great alternative to wheat flour, or to use in combination with wheat flour. ¬†It has been successfully used to replace flour in cookies, crackers, tortillas, pasta, snack bars, stroopwaffels, and chips.¬†
  • Replace soy and soy lecithin with better structure, Maillard browning, and less sticking in waffle cookies and crispy snacks.¬†
  • Emulsifying and Thickening: ¬†Our chickpea flour emulsifies on par with egg yolks. Use it to thicken soups and sauces, salad dressing, nutritional shakes and beverages while fortifying.¬†
  • Fresh taste and scent: Does not have a bean after taste or smell like other legume flours or dry pea ingredients.
  • Bulking and Meat Binding: ¬†Use in sausages and premium animal foods.¬†

Our Garbanzo Nutrition is a clean, dry, flour ingredient, cooked and ready to eat.  It is 100% pure with nothing added before, during or after cooking.