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    Our miracle ingredient

    A chickpea flour with a pleasing taste, superior functionality, and exceptional nutritional value. Interested in purchasing for your business?

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    • 100%

      Pure chickpeas
    • Choose neutral or slightly toasted taste
    • Nutritional powerhouse
    • Clean ingredient
    • Sustainable crop

    What Makes Our Flour Unique

    Fresh taste and scent

    Imparts a pleasing neutral taste or chose a slightly toasted flavor.

    Fortify with Clean Label Ingredient

    Boost protein, fiber, folate and iron without sacrificing taste.

    Sustainable, Planet Friendly Crop

    Chickpeas fortify the soil with nitrogen, reducing greenhouse gases and offering a low carbon footprint.

    Great dispersibility

    Great dispersibility with standard equipment. Blends well with cold water or oil, with no water waste or cooking cost. Less energy use.

    Foam capacity

    Boasts the highest foam capacity and foam stability of any comparable products tested. Higher foaming capacity can improve yields.

    Flour Replacement

    It has been successfully used to replace flour in cookies, crackers, tortillas, pasta, snack bars, stroopwaffels, and chips.

    Replace soy and soy lecithin

    It replace soy and soy lecithin with better structure, Maillard browning, and less sticking in waffle cookies and crispy snacks.

    Emulsifying and Thickening

    Our chickpea flour emulsifies on par with egg yolks. Use it to thicken soups and sauces, salad dressing, nutritional shakes and beverages while fortifying.

    Low Micro Load

    Reduces safety risk by allowing food production in a dry environment.

    Our Mission

    We are driven to improve the health and happiness of both people and the planet via the superfood chickpea. Our snacks are plant based, all-natural, and deliciously healthy so you can eat with reckless abandon!